Year 1 – bird feeders

Over the past couple of weeks Year 1 have been making bird feeders.

Paddington class used pine cones, string, lard and bird seed. We then went for a walk to find the best place to hang them.



Matilda class used oranges, string, lard and bird seed. We then went for a walk to find the best place to hang them.


All of the children worked well together, helping each other to make the bird feeders and hang them in the trees. We all thought carefully about where to put them.

Can you remember the names of any birds that might use our bird feeders?

Why did we hang the feeders high in the trees?

Which feeder do you think the birds will like best – pine cone or orange? Why?

Reception – Stanley’s Stick.

Today at Forest School we listened to the story Stanley’s Stick.


Can you remember what happened? What did Stanley use his stick for?

Reception looked for their own sticks in the woods and created lots of different things such as fishing rods, kites, wind streamers and magic wands.

Have a look at home to find your own stick. What could it be?

image image



Year 1 – Den building.

Over the past few weeks Year 1 have been investigating how to make different shelters.

Paddington class had a go at building a shelter using natural materials found in the woods. They dragged long branches which I helped them to secure against a tree, and then found shorter branches to lay horizontally across the frame. They really enjoyed sitting in their den once it was built, but tell me they still have work to do next time making a roof and floor… watch this space!



Matilda class used the den kit with tarpaulin, material, ropes, string and hooks to build their shelters. They worked well in teams to build different styles of shelters and had more time to add final touches such as flooring, seats and a fire! In one of the photos you can see Mrs Deane enjoying the children’s den, warming her hands by their fire.


How would you build your den and what would you put inside?

Mrs Read

Year 1 – Matilda Magic Potions

This week at Forest School Matilda class found some tiny doors in the woods. I wonder who might live here?


This inspired our magic potion making and the children set to work using magical ingredients sourced and supplied by Mrs Read such as ‘rays of sunshine’, ‘lizards snot’ and ‘beetle juice’, and mixed these with materials found in the woodland.

Maisie and Charlotte made a magic healing potion which they spread on the branches of a fallen tree.

Lili-Mae showed me a large pot of ingredients which she made with her friends. This magical mixture was ‘teachers pudding’ containing mud, sticks, leaves, and mermaid tears.

What magical mixture would you make and which ingredients would you use?

Mrs Read


Reception – Exploring the den kit.

This week Reception went to Forest School in the rain. To help us keep dry I provided a range of materials, tools and shelters to build dens. Together we built some high shelters to stand under. The children loved hearing the rain drops above their heads.



Lots of children also enjoyed using the tools and resources for their own games and exploration. At the end of the session the woods were unrecognisable with trees covered and wrapped with ropes, string and tape.

Some groups told me they were helping to mend the trees, whilst others told me the tape would stop the trees from falling over.

I had lots of fun with Reception in the rain, what was your favourite part of Forest School this week?

Mrs Read 🙂

Rain Rain Rain!

Just a reminder that Reception and Year 1 – Matilda class have Forest School tomorrow.

It is looking like it will be a very rainy day, so please remember your waterproofs and Wellington boots!

I’m looking forward to splashing in the puddles!

Mrs Read:)