Year 1 – Den building.

Over the past few weeks Year 1 have been investigating how to make different shelters.

Paddington class had a go at building a shelter using natural materials found in the woods. They dragged long branches which I helped them to secure against a tree, and then found shorter branches to lay horizontally across the frame. They really enjoyed sitting in their den once it was built, but tell me they still have work to do next time making a roof and floor… watch this space!



Matilda class used the den kit with tarpaulin, material, ropes, string and hooks to build their shelters. They worked well in teams to build different styles of shelters and had more time to add final touches such as flooring, seats and a fire! In one of the photos you can see Mrs Deane enjoying the children’s den, warming her hands by their fire.


How would you build your den and what would you put inside?

Mrs Read

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