Matilda class – looking closer

Today at Forest School Matilda class have been looking closely around the woods to find sticks ready for our Christmas craft activity.

The children were also encouraged to look at the different plants and trees around the woods to see if they could identify them.



We found a tree with big spotty leaves which were really good for counting and adding up the spots. Can you remember the name of the tree they belonged to?


Another rainy day for Simba class!

Simba class came to Forest School in the rain again this week, however this didn’t put them off and we had lots of fun exploring the woods.

As you can see, the shelter Mrs Read put up to keep us all dry was empty for most of the session as the children were too busy exploring.


The children used the den kit to make shelters for themselves and their animal friends.

Here you can see squirrel settling in and keeping dry!

image image


The boys also worked together to make a home for a snail. “The floors a bit muddy, but that’s ok, the snail won’t mind!”

It was great to see the children working together as a team, helping each other with collecting sticks and carrying heavier branches.



Well done Simba class 🙂




Paddington Artists.

This week Paddington Class were artists at Forest School.

The children were all given a ball of clay and were very imaginative creating tree faces, small animals and sculptures.



The children enjoyed playing with some of the tiny clay animals we made, can you guess what they are?

image image

Who Lives Here?

Gruffalo class went to Forest School today and had lots of fun making homes for our Gruffalo teddies.

The children worked really hard and had some excellent ideas. They worked well together in teams and improved their Gruffalo homes to make sure the Gruffalo would be dry, warm and comfortable.



The children also found another home, a large hole in the woodland floor. I found the boys talking about who might live inside.


“It’s a rabbit hole, the rabbit lives here”

“No I think a fox lives here”

What do you think? Who lives here?

Matilda Artists

Year 1 have been learning about the nature artist Andy Goldsworthy in school. So today I set them the challenge to make their own natural artwork and sculptures in the woods.

I provided clay for the children to make sculptures. They were very creative and made faces on the trees, small animals and a snake.


Some children also used sticks and leaves found in the woods to create their artwork.



Well done Matilda class! 🙂

First time in big woods for Gruffalo class.

Gruffalo class went off site to the larger woodland today for Forest School.

The children were very excited to leave school and enjoyed their walk through the woods.



We stopped to listen carefully and could hear lots of birds singing, the children also liked looking up at the tall trees. Once we got to Forest School we learnt a new game called “1,2,3….where are you ?”

The children had lots of time to explore and play in the woods and enjoyed looking for insects, climbing on fallen trees and building dens.

Gruffalo class had lots of fun at Forest School today 🙂

Brrrrr……wrap up warm tomorrow!

Reminder for Gruffalo class and Paddington class. Please wrap up warm for Forest School tomorrow, it is starting to get a bit chilly!



Looks like we will have a lovely sunny day, but you will still need your jumper, coat, hat and gloves. Gruffalo class will be outside all morning, and Paddington class will be outside all afternoon.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and having lots of fun at Forest School!

Mrs Read 🙂