Simba class Superworm hunt!

Today at Forest School the children listened to the story ‘ superworm ‘ by Julia Donaldson.



This story inspired some of the children to use the Minibeast hunt kit to try and find superworm and his friends. They used the books and identity charts to find out more about the insects, and spent a long time looking with magnifying glasses and collection pots. Some boys found snail trails up a tree which they enjoyed following with their sticks. The girls were also very excited and proud to show me when they actually found  superworm!

image image image


As well as searching for superworm and his friends today, the children also enjoyed making magic potions like wizard lizard, and used the magical ingredients with leaves and other things collected from the woodland floor. Here you can see the boys using the leaf identity charts to check which ingredients were in their magic potion.




Well done Simba class, what a busy and fun morning we had today at Forest School! 🙂

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