A Chocolatey Treat!

Paddington class had a special treat at Forest School today. The class have been working hard and have earned 10 class credits. As a reward we all enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a chocolate finger.

image image image

We sat on a fallen tree which was long enough for most of us to sit together. The children enjoyed taking their time to drink their hot chocolate and have a look around and listen to the sounds of the woods.

When we had finished we went to the edge of our usual woodland spot to watch the trees waving and bending in the wind. However due to the high winds we decided to go and explore the other side of the hill instead.

We found an open field, which at first the children told me was ’empty’ with nothing to do. However I asked them to go and investigate to see what they could find, and we quickly found there was more to the field than we first thought.

image image


Some children found animal droppings and holes, can you remember who we thought might live here?

Other children enjoyed running around the edge of the field, can you remember how long it took you? or how many steps you made?

We have decided we might like to return to this field another day, as there is still lots more to see.

Well done Paddington Class, I had a lovely afternoon, I hope you did too!

Mrs Read. 🙂

Let’s Investigate!!

Matilda class enjoyed using the magnifying glasses today at Forest School to take a closer look.

Now we are more familiar with our new site at Hunsbury Hill Country Park, I decided to set the children a challenge to see what we could find. The children took the time to look closer and found lots of interesting things. They particularly enjoyed climbing up the banks to look inside holes, or inbetween the large roots.

image image image


Some of the things found by the children included stones, different leaves, funny shaped sticks, snail shells, a worm, a feather and a golf ball!

Why not take a closer look at home in the garden, what can you find?

Simba Class – looking closer.

On our walk into the woods today we took our time to look more closely at our environment and stopped to notice some of the changes since our last visit.

We walk past several Holly bushes on our way to Forest School. The children were very observant and noticed only a few red berries were left. We talked about how the birds enjoy eating berries on plants and trees through the winter months.

On the ground we looked at how some new plants are trying to grow through the fallen leaves. The children were guessing what these new plants might be, we have decided to look out for them each week now and the children are excited to see what grows. What do you think might be growing in our woods?


Paddington class ‘stick’ together!

Today we based our exploration at Forest School around the different sticks we could find, large and small.

We read the story ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson, and looked for our own Stickman, however this turned out to be a tricky stick task!!



A few of us made a tiny stick tower which required good concentration and balancing skills, whilst some of us used bigger sticks and branches to make small dens and stick family homes.

image image


All of us enjoyed our big stick pile though, which was constructed using large sticks, branches and logs. This provided an excellent climbing frame and was the centre for many of our games and play.



Well done Paddington class, I think you are fanta’stick’!

Mrs Read 🙂

Let it snow!!

I am very excited for Forest School tomorrow as the forecast for tonight is snow!

Hopefully we may have some snow left in the morning for our adventures at Forest School.

Can Simba class and Paddington class please come prepared for cold, wet and muddy conditions. We will be going to Forest School whatever the weather, and it is always so much more fun if we can all stay warm and dry in our Wellington boots and warm waterproof clothes.

Thank you, Mrs Read 🙂

Waiting to meet you……

Matilda class came to Forest School today on the minibus to Hunsbury Hill Country Park.

There is a special tree in every woodland waiting to meet you, so today the children had a go at finding theirs.

To find your special tree you have to look closely at the lines on the palm of your hand. We used pens to trace ours to help us see them. By looking carefully at this pattern, and looking carefully at the trunk and branches of different trees, you may be lucky enough to find your match!

image image image image


Now that some of us have found our match we have decided to look after our special tree and will check on it on every visit to the woods.

Why not have a go at finding your tree that’s waiting to meet you?

Mrs Read 🙂