Paddington class ‘stick’ together!

Today we based our exploration at Forest School around the different sticks we could find, large and small.

We read the story ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson, and looked for our own Stickman, however this turned out to be a tricky stick task!!



A few of us made a tiny stick tower which required good concentration and balancing skills, whilst some of us used bigger sticks and branches to make small dens and stick family homes.

image image


All of us enjoyed our big stick pile though, which was constructed using large sticks, branches and logs. This provided an excellent climbing frame and was the centre for many of our games and play.



Well done Paddington class, I think you are fanta’stick’!

Mrs Read 🙂

One thought on “Paddington class ‘stick’ together!

  1. Lili mae said she really enjoyed forest school this week as she found climbing the logs and sticks so much fun.
    Lili mae was chuckling as she explained that they all kept falling through a gap in the logs and sticks.

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