A Chocolatey Treat!

Paddington class had a special treat at Forest School today. The class have been working hard and have earned 10 class credits. As a reward we all enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a chocolate finger.

image image image

We sat on a fallen tree which was long enough for most of us to sit together. The children enjoyed taking their time to drink their hot chocolate and have a look around and listen to the sounds of the woods.

When we had finished we went to the edge of our usual woodland spot to watch the trees waving and bending in the wind. However due to the high winds we decided to go and explore the other side of the hill instead.

We found an open field, which at first the children told me was ’empty’ with nothing to do. However I asked them to go and investigate to see what they could find, and we quickly found there was more to the field than we first thought.

image image


Some children found animal droppings and holes, can you remember who we thought might live here?

Other children enjoyed running around the edge of the field, can you remember how long it took you? or how many steps you made?

We have decided we might like to return to this field another day, as there is still lots more to see.

Well done Paddington Class, I had a lovely afternoon, I hope you did too!

Mrs Read. 🙂

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