Matilda Class Mystery!

When Matilda class came to Forest School today we found a mysterious silver box hidden in the branches.


We had a discussion about where we thought the box had appeared from and who it might belong to. By looking inside at the objects it contained we came to the conclusion that it may have belonged to baby bear from the story ‘Whatever Next’, which we have been reading in school.

The childrn remembered that baby bear had gone to the moon, so our challenge was to think of a way to get the box back to him.

Some children built twig towers and ladders to climb up to the moon, other worked together to build space rockets to fly, and some children created magical broomsticks powered by pine cones!

image image imageimage


When we returned to school the box had dissapeared, so our mission was complete.

Where do you think the box came from? Who does it belong to? Can you remember what was inside?

Simba class – who lives here?

Simba class found this pile of soil today at Forest School. We had a closer look together and some children were surprised to learn that an animal may be living underneath the ground.


Oliver told his classmates that he thought a mole lived here, and moles dig holes. Nathaniel agreed and suggested that moles only come out at night time.

When we returned to school we had a look on the Internet together to find out more about moles. We found lots of pictures, some information to read and even a video to watch.

If you would like to find out more about moles have a look at this link:

Building homes for bears

This week at Forest School Paddington class had a go at making some new homes for our bears.

They worked well together in small groups and gathered sticks, branches, leaves, moss and grass from around the woods to make their dens.



The children spent a long time making and improving their homes and the final outcome was impressive, with some bear mansions constructed to include sofas, beds, TVs, slides and swimming pools!

Gruffalo class – looking closer

Gruffalo class took a long walk through the woods this morning to take a closer look at things on their way to Forest School. The children were very observant and enjoyed finding things that were the same or different since our last visit.

We found some new snowdrops growing through the fallen leaves, and some other new plants too. Some children took the time to have a closer look using a magnifying glass. Together we identified the flower, petals, stem and leaf on the plant.


Other children enjoyed collecting new things from the forest floor. We talked about the different things we had found and the textures we could feel. For example, soft spongy moss, dry crunchy leaves and smooth pointy grass.

image image

Building homes for bears.

Matilda class came to Forest School today. We found a new spot to explore so as not to trample on the snowdrops and new plants growing, and instead found a space in the woods full of fallen branches, sticks, twigs, leave and moss……perfect for building dens!

Here we decided to work in small groups to build homes for some homeless bears. The children worked well together and spent their time planning and making their small homes and adding the final touches such as beds,  sofas, toys, cinema rooms and a balcony!


Once complete the children went on a tour of the new homes, acting as estate agents for the bears to find each a suitable home.