Matilda Class Mystery!

When Matilda class came to Forest School today we found a mysterious silver box hidden in the branches.


We had a discussion about where we thought the box had appeared from and who it might belong to. By looking inside at the objects it contained we came to the conclusion that it may have belonged to baby bear from the story ‘Whatever Next’, which we have been reading in school.

The childrn remembered that baby bear had gone to the moon, so our challenge was to think of a way to get the box back to him.

Some children built twig towers and ladders to climb up to the moon, other worked together to build space rockets to fly, and some children created magical broomsticks powered by pine cones!

image image imageimage


When we returned to school the box had dissapeared, so our mission was complete.

Where do you think the box came from? Who does it belong to? Can you remember what was inside?

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