#WAKWHS2 Looking for clues!

Paddington class came to Forest School this afternoon and were set the challenge to try and find some clues in the woods as to where Lady Arabella may have disappeared to.

The children thought about what they might look for by first remembering the events of the banquet on Monday. They told me the figure who took Lady Arabella was wearing a black cloak, so we decided to look for any black material which may have caught on the trees, they also decided to try and find some footprints to see which way they may have gone.

Everyone set straight to work using magnifying glasses to take a closer look, and mirrors to look in unusual places. The children searched high and low, by kneeling down to look on the ground and by climbing trees to look higher up. It didn’t take long to find some clues!

We found a black glove (which we think could belong to the kidnapper), a fork (which may have come from the banquet), and a bottle (which the children thought may have contained some magical potion). The children also found lots of footprints, and black and white material caught on the trees.

image image image


The children decided that Lady Arabella may have been taken though the woods, but is far away now. Just incase she came back through, trying to find her way back to Simon de Senlis, a few children worked together to make some arrows on the floor using sticks to show her the way.



What clues did you find? What do you think has happened to Lady Arabella? Where could she be?

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