#WAKWHS2 Looking for Lady Arabella.

Gruffalo class in Reception and Matilda class in Year 1 came to Forest School today.

We spent some time looking around the woods for clues to hopefully find out more information about where Lady Arabella has disappeared to. The children used magnifying glasses and mirrors to help them look. Some children found different materials which they thought could have been from Lady Arabella’s dress, and some children found some hard silver material which they thought could be from Simon’s suit of armour.

We used natural materials found in the woods to make our own crowns. The children spent a long time looking for the right items to add to their crowns and enjoyed wearing their crowns in the woods. Some children also made magic wands using materials gathered from around the woods, they used them to cast magic spells to try and find Lady Arabella. I wonder if they will work?




2 thoughts on “#WAKWHS2 Looking for Lady Arabella.

  1. I really enjoyed making the magic wands and the hats – Mia
    I loved finding the clues about Lady Arabella – Simran
    We found some handprints and a sign that said ‘Help!’ – Libby
    We found a black glove – William
    I liked finding small and big sticks – Aden

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Forest School Matilda class. It was very exciting finding all of those clues, thank you for your help! Hopefully we will find Lady Arabella soon.
      Mrs Read 🙂

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