Paddington class protectors!

Paddington class came to Forest School this afternoon and were on the look out for new signs of spring.

In the area where we play the children spotted there were some new plants growing, which we guessed might be bluebells or daffodils, but we will have to wait and see!

We had a discussion about our forest school rules, one of which is not to pick things that are growing. Some of the children were worried the new plants may be trampled on as the children were playing and exploring. To solve this problem some children came up with a brilliant idea of how we could protect the area and use the branches and sticks to make a temporary fence.

image image


The children worked well together as a team and had some good discussions about how best to build fence, measure it and improve it. I was very impressed with how caring the children were about the environment, well done Paddington Class šŸ™‚

One thought on “Paddington class protectors!

  1. Lili mae was excited to tell me about the lost dog that Mrs French saved and returned to the owners. She also said the park was lots of fun. Lili mae enjoys forest school.

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