Searching for signs of Spring

Paddington class came to Forest School this afternoon and enjoyed looking for signs of Spring. They were very good at spotting the changes in the woodland and spotting new things that were growing.


On on our walk into Forest School the children found daffodils, lesser celandine and even some bluebells starting to grow. They spotted blossom growing on trees and bushes, and took a closer look to find new leaf and flower buds. We stopped to stand still and listen and could hear birds singing and spotted two squirrels chasing each other up a tree. When we took a closer look on the woodland floor the children also found lots of different insects.

During their exploration time some of the children had a go at building some nests like the bird nests we had spotted high up in the trees. Most of the children gathered materials and made their nests on the floor, however some children took the harder challenge of making their nest in the trees. One of the nests made by the children perched on a branch even had a pine cone light to help the birds see at night!



Have you spotted any signs of Spring at home in your garden?

Mrs Read

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