Paddington class bird challenges.

Paddington class came to Forest School this afternoon. The children were set two challenges which involved different skills such as creativity, teamwork, mathematics, and resourcefulness, just to name a few.

Bird seed challenge.


The children were asked to measure the bird seed to ensure all of the birds would have they same amount to eat, and given a number of red dishes to share the seed between. However, before they could measure the seed they had to make their own balance scales. They had time to look at at explore my own set of scales before designing and making their own. The children really enjoyed filling the buckets and pots with seeds and comparing the different weights.

Bird nest challenge.



The children were also given the challenge and choice to make their own bird nest collage pictures. This involved them searching the woods to find suitable materials for their nests just like real birds. They enjoyed making their own birds to add to their nest pictures, with some children adding extra details such as eggs, and feathers. The children were very proud of their pictures at the end and could tell me all about birds and their nests.

4 thoughts on “Paddington class bird challenges.

    • Thank you very much for your help, Forest School is nothing without lots of enthusiastic and supportive adults to help šŸ™‚

  1. Lili mae enjoyed this task and found the painting on the grass fun. Lili mae always looks forward to forest school and she always wishes it would rain on there day as she said that would be lots of fun!!!!

    • I’m so happy that you enjoy Forest School Lili Mae šŸ™‚
      What would you like to do next time it rains? I’m sure it will one day!

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