Paddington Class Walkabout

Year 1 are currently learning about Aboriginal tribes and exploring the Australian outback and wilderness through their topic ‘Lets go backpacking’. They have learnt about how aboriginal teenagers would go on a long ‘walkabout’ by themselves in the Australian outback for as long as six months before they became men. As part of this walkabout they would create journey sticks, and attach items that reminded them of the places they had visited.

Today at Forest school we decided to go on our own walkabout around the woodland areas in East Hunsbury, and create our own journey sticks to tell the story of our walkabout. We worked together in groups and stopped at interesting points to add string, wool and natural items collected from the area to our journey sticks to help us remember where we had been and tell our story.



The children enjoyed hunting around for different items to attach to their journey sticks and had some good discussions about what different things represented. When we returned to school they could confidently use their journey sticks and recall the walkabout in detail.



We we were all very tired after our long walk, I’m not so sure we could all last 6 months like the Aboriginal teenagers!

Mrs Read 😊

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