Paddington class – careful footsteps and learning knots

This afternoon Paddington class came to Forest School.

We took a slow walk down to the woods stopping along the way to take a closer look at our footprints. The children used foot frames and magnifying glasses to explore the small area which would usually be under our feet. They were surprised to find more than just leaves, grass or mud under their footprints, with some children finding small insects which could have been stepped on had we not been careful.

image image


When at Forest School some of the children took the time to sit with me and learn some simple knots using ropes and long branches. We learnt the simple overhand knot, a figure of 8 knot, and a half hitch. Some of the children quickly picked up how to tie the different knots and enjoyed teaching their friends what to do.

image image image

If you would like to practise your knots or learn some more, follow this link for some instructions:

Well done Paddington class, you were fantastic explorers this afternoon!

Mrs Read 🙂



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