Simba Class Minibus Adventure

It has been a very hot and sunny day today and we had an exciting morning, as it was our first time on the school minibus. All of the children were so excited to be travelling on the minibus for the first time.
We went to explore Hunsbury Hill Country Park. The children enjoyed waiting for the second group to arrive on the bus with a play in the park. It was fun exploring the play equipment with our friends.
To find our new Forest School area we had to go on a long journey through the woods. It involved balancing along high narrow paths, stepping carefully down steep slopes and navigating safely through a jungle of nettles… was such a long way we had to stop off at a fallen down tree for a drink and a snack!
When we arrived we enjoyed exploring the woods. There were lots of big branches and fallen logs, perfect for making dens. Some of the children also enjoyed collecting the wood to make a pretend fire which they then sat around roasting their marshmallows on sticks….yummy!
All of the children behaved very well and had a fantastic time. Well done Simba class! 🙂


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