Sunny day treat for Paddington class

It has been a very hot and sunny afternoon today so we all enjoyed the welcome shade of the trees in the woods. As a special treat, because it is one of our last forest school sessions, when we first arrived at the park we all enjoyed an ice cream to help us cool down. Then we had a short time to play on the equipment before we got too hot. We found a shaded tree tunnel walk down into the woods, but it was a trick, and some of the adults were waiting with water pistols! It was fun getting wet, and luckily the water ran out quickly!

The children enjoyed exploring the woods and all chose to do their favourite thing. Some built dens and climbed trees, others searched for insects, and a few decided to do bark rubbing pictures.



4 thoughts on “Sunny day treat for Paddington class

  1. Lili mae has loved forest school and is sad it has ended as she goes up to year 2. Thankyou so much for making her schooling extra fun with the forest trips and exploring the outdoors.

    • I’m so happy that you have enjoyed Forest School Lili Mae, it has been a pleasure to teach Paddington class for Forest School.
      I hope you continue to explore and enjoy the outdoors, I will always be at school ready to listen to your new adventures!
      Mrs Read 🙂

  2. It was a lovely treat for them and a big thank you to all who arranged it . It was good to see their enjoyment with my own eyes . Helping out with forest school has been a genuine pleasure x

    • Thank you very much for all of your support, without your help the children cannot explore outside the school gates. I’m happy that you had fun with us too!
      Thanks again, Mrs Read 🙂

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