All About Autumn

Today was our first day back at Forest School, and what a beautiful day for exploring outside 🙂

This morning Gruffalo class had their first session of Forest School using the school woodland area. They enjoyed learning the new rules and routines and used mirrors and magnifying glasses to take a closer look around the woods. We also shared a book all about Autumn and had a look round the school grounds for signs of Autumn.

This afternoon it was lovely to welcome back Year 1 to Forest School, and Matilda class joined me for a walk to Grangewood Park. On our walk to the woods the children were very excited about all of the fallen leaves and enjoyed collecting handfuls of colourful Autumn leaves.

When we were in the woods I set the children a challenge to look at things from a different perspective and to take some photos of the woods to represent Autumn from different viewpoints. The children enjoyed the challenge and took some beautiful photos thinking carefully about where they positioned themselves to take the photo.

IMG_4540 IMG_4558

Thank you Gruffalo and Matilda class for a lovely day at Forest School, I hope you are looking forward to our adventures this year as much as me!

Mrs Read 🙂

2 thoughts on “All About Autumn

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed your first time at Forest School Katherine! 🙂
      I hope you are looking forward to next week too. Maybe we should take a closer look at the leaves to see if we can identify the tree they have fallen from. Mrs Read.

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