First Time at Forest School

Today it was the first time at Forest School for Simba class during the morning, and Wiggins class this afternoon. Luckily Paddington class were also at Forest School this afternoon though so could help Wiggins class learn the rules and show them what we do! 🙂

This morning Simba class enjoyed exploring the woods in our school grounds looking for leaves and learning about what we do at Forest School. As it looked like rain too, we also had a go at building some dens so we wouldn’t get wet!!

Then this afternoon Paddington and Wiggins class walked over to Grangewood Park. We collected leaves and fallen braches and used them to either make collage pictures of animals, hedgehog homes, or to make dens for ourselves. We were all enjoying the beautiful colours that Autumn brings, and were surprised at how many leaves had fallen from the trees. Some of the children enjoyed watching the leaves blow from the trees in the Autumn gusts, and tried to make more leaves fall by knocking the branches with longs sticks. The falling leaves were very tricky to catch!



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