Paddington Class – Magical Potions

This afternoon at Forest School Paddington class were set a challenge by the woodland fairies to make magical potions. The fairies had supplied some rare magical ingredients, such as mermaid tears, lizards snot, squashed toads and unicorns blood for the children to add to their potions.

When looking for ingredients we came across some small wooden doors and hidden fairies. The children were very excited to gather ingredients from the woodland floor, which was covered with a beautiful selection of Autumn leaves, sticks, pine cones, berries, moss and grass.

They then mixed up their magical potions using a splash of the secret ingredients supplied by the fairies, and used their magical sticks to stir.

After mixing their potions some children decided to make a fairy village using the small wooden doors against the trees, and made pathways, gardens and swimming pools for the fairies to use!

Other children decided to make fires to cook their potions on in the big pans, and dens to sit inside to shelter from the rain.

I overheard some brilliant discussions about how much of each ingredient to add, what their potion might do, and when they might use it.


What a magical afternoon, I hope you had fun Paddington class!

Mrs Read 🙂

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