Rainy Day for Simba Class

This morning was very wet for Simba class at Forest School. But that didn’t stop us, as we all had our waterproofs and welly boots to keep us warm and dry.

We took lots of different sized containers, jugs, pots and funnels to the woods in school and our challenge was to catch the rain!

The children quickly found ways to shake the rain drops from the trees, and worked in teams to collect more. We then added a little bit of powder paint to our raindrops to see what colours we could mix. We thought carefully about what colours we could make to match the Autumn leaves.

IMG_4732 IMG_4735 IMG_4738

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day for Simba Class

    • That’s great to hear Maria, I’m so happy you enjoy Forest School!
      We have so much more to do and explore, and will go on new adventures in the big woods very soon. Mrs Read 🙂

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