Simba class go to the BIG woods!

Today Simba class walked over to the BIG woods for the first time. We were all very excited.

We all walked sensibly in pairs across the road using the zebra crossing and then followed the path to the woods. When we got to the woods we found a spot to set up camp and we all sang the Forest School song. We talked about our new rules when exploring the bigger woods, like where our boundaries are, and what we should do if a dog comes into Forest School.

We then learnt a new game called ‘1,2,3….where are you?’ Some of us had to close our eyes and count to 20, whilst the others went to hide in the woods. We then shouted out “1,2,3…where are you?” as loud as we could, and had to listen carefully for the children hiding who responded “1,2,3…we’re here!” which helped us to find them.

Next we listened to a story called ‘Stanley’s Stick’, which gave us lots of ideas about what we could do if we found our very own special stick in the woods. The children all then had time to explore the woods and found some brilliant sticks which they made their own.

At the end of the morning we all walked safely back to school, we were all ready for lunch by the time we got back!!

Well done Simba Class, I was very proud of you today!

Mrs Read 🙂

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