Forest School Artists – Matilda Class

Matilda Class came to Forest School this afternoon using the school woodland.

We had a piece of clay each and were set the challenge of making something using clay and things found in the woods.

All of the children had different ideas, and spent time looking around the woods for inspiration. Lots of children collected sticks to use with their clay and made small animals such as hedgehogs or insects with lots of legs, we also had a star wars space ship model!

Some children used items in the woods such as stones and sticks as tools to make patterns in the clay, and a few children decided to collect colourful things like berries and seeds to decorate their models.

One very artistic adult also made a lovely seasonal snowman!

At the end of the afternoon we had a gallery of clay models and art which the children enjoyed sharing with each other.


Well done Matilda class!

Mrs Read 🙂

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