Forest School Survival Skills

Last week we had a special visitor at Forest School, Freya’s Daddy, Michael. He is in the army and came to show us some survival skills with the tools he uses, including how to build a shelter in the woods.

Paddington class were very excited, and enjoyed learning some new skills. Michael showed us some of his equipment, how he shelters from the rain, and how he would sometimes sleep in a hammock hanging from the trees.

Together, we all helped him to build a large A-Frame shelter. Michael showed us how he had made the frame and secured it. We all then looked around the woods to collect a huge pile of sticks, which we then had to place carefully, measuring them to see which end they would fit on.

At the end we all enjoyed sitting just inside the shelters door. Michael told us how he would make it waterproof by covering the top with leaves and ferns, and warmer by making a fire by the door.


Getting twiggy with it!

Today Matilda class were set a twig challenge. As the trees are empty from leaves this provided the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at the trees from a different perspective, focusing on the branches and twigs, and bark on the trunks.

Some of the children used the twig ID charts to try and identify the trees by looking closely at the branch shape and patterns, others decided to complete the twig shape challenge, collecting lots of different shapes and sizes of sticks and twigs from the woodland floor. A few children used paper and chalks to take bark rubbings, and nearly all of the children enjoyed trying to find their own special stick by having the lines on their hands traced to find their individual stick shape.



Well done Matilda class, it was brilliant to see you all so engaged and taking a closer look at things from a different perspective.

Mrs Read 🙂

If you would like to be nature detective and look for twigs whilst your out and about, follow this link for a twig-tastic activity sheet!

Getting twiggy with it!

Forest School Experts – Paddington Class

This afternoon Year 6 came to visit Forest School as part of their Science lesson with Mrs DeBoard. The task was to identify as many different types of flora and fauna as possible on the field and in the school woodland.

Paddington class were able to offer their help as experienced Forest School students. It was wonderful to see the Year 1 children lead the way, showing Year 6 where to look, and how to identify things using the charts.

They all worked together, side by side, exploring the field and woodland, and coming across many new findings. Such as, 4 different types of fungi, seeds, bulbs, animal prints in the mud, empty birds nests, ivy, catkins, berries, and many different types of leaves which the Year 6 children have taken photos of to examine more closely back in the classroom.


We all had such a brilliant afternoon of teamwork and exploration.

Thank you Year 6 and Paddington class!

Mrs Read 🙂


Matilda Mud Kitchen

Today we embraced the mud at Forest School. I took along a selection of kitchen tools, utensils, pots, pans and jugs for the children to explore and use with whatever nature they could find.

Immediately the children set off to work setting up their very own mud kitchens around the woods. It was wonderful to see all of the children so engaged, working together to cook up some mud recipes. As the adults walked around we were offered such a wide range of mud delicacies, from magical mud pies and bug smoothies, to apple crumble with custard, and chicken nuggets!

Yummy…Thank-you Matilda Class! 🙂