Forest School Experts – Paddington Class

This afternoon Year 6 came to visit Forest School as part of their Science lesson with Mrs DeBoard. The task was to identify as many different types of flora and fauna as possible on the field and in the school woodland.

Paddington class were able to offer their help as experienced Forest School students. It was wonderful to see the Year 1 children lead the way, showing Year 6 where to look, and how to identify things using the charts.

They all worked together, side by side, exploring the field and woodland, and coming across many new findings. Such as, 4 different types of fungi, seeds, bulbs, animal prints in the mud, empty birds nests, ivy, catkins, berries, and many different types of leaves which the Year 6 children have taken photos of to examine more closely back in the classroom.


We all had such a brilliant afternoon of teamwork and exploration.

Thank you Year 6 and Paddington class!

Mrs Read 🙂


3 thoughts on “Forest School Experts – Paddington Class

  1. Having Year 1’s knowledge around was really handy. They knew all about the outdoor so they were very curious to find out more. I had a very curious bunch of children who wanted to go out and find thing new things they didn’t know. Some of my peers/friends says ‘The year one were handy I couldn’t have ask for a better group of children’. So AMEY if you are reading the forest school children are learning new things on this field every week you can’t use it for something else. Mrs Read and other staff who help you have taught them well.

    • Thank you for your kind comment Amber, I hope you enjoyed coming to Forest School and managed to find all of the things you needed to. I know the Year 1 children had fun showing you around and did well sharing their Forest School knowledge. Mrs Read 🙂

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