Getting twiggy with it!

Today Matilda class were set a twig challenge. As the trees are empty from leaves this provided the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at the trees from a different perspective, focusing on the branches and twigs, and bark on the trunks.

Some of the children used the twig ID charts to try and identify the trees by looking closely at the branch shape and patterns, others decided to complete the twig shape challenge, collecting lots of different shapes and sizes of sticks and twigs from the woodland floor. A few children used paper and chalks to take bark rubbings, and nearly all of the children enjoyed trying to find their own special stick by having the lines on their hands traced to find their individual stick shape.



Well done Matilda class, it was brilliant to see you all so engaged and taking a closer look at things from a different perspective.

Mrs Read 🙂

If you would like to be nature detective and look for twigs whilst your out and about, follow this link for a twig-tastic activity sheet!

Getting twiggy with it!

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