Forest School Survival Skills

Last week we had a special visitor at Forest School, Freya’s Daddy, Michael. He is in the army and came to show us some survival skills with the tools he uses, including how to build a shelter in the woods.

Paddington class were very excited, and enjoyed learning some new skills. Michael showed us some of his equipment, how he shelters from the rain, and how he would sometimes sleep in a hammock hanging from the trees.

Together, we all helped him to build a large A-Frame shelter. Michael showed us how he had made the frame and secured it. We all then looked around the woods to collect a huge pile of sticks, which we then had to place carefully, measuring them to see which end they would fit on.

At the end we all enjoyed sitting just inside the shelters door. Michael told us how he would make it waterproof by covering the top with leaves and ferns, and warmer by making a fire by the door.


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