To inspire our exploration and learning this afternoon at Forest School, Paddington class listened to the story ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson.

When we were at Forest School we played a game called ‘feeding the birds’ where we all pretended to be birds hunting for our dinner of worms, which were hidden around the woods. We learnt that a little bird needs a third of its body weight each day to survive, and that worms are not easy to find!

Where do you think the best place would be to find worms?

Then we had all of the equipment in the woods to make magic potions, just like Wizard Lizard from the story. We had magical ingredients to use such as ‘Lizards Snot’, ‘Mermaids Tears’, and ‘Squashed Toads’, as well as all of the extra ingredients we could collect around the woods. The children thought of some really imaginative ideas for what their potion might do, and were casting some brilliant magical spells.

Some of us also had a go at a craft activity using sticks and string to weave our own spiders web. We learnt about how spiders use webs to catch their dinner.

Where do you think would be the best place for a spider to make its web?

During our time at Forest School many of us noticed the first signs of Spring, as some snowdrops were starting to grow through the fallen leaves. We talked about how to identify a snowdrop so that we could spot more, and guessed which flowers might grow next.

Which flowers do you think we might spot on our next visit to Forest School?


2 thoughts on “Superworm!

    • We did look for him, however we couldn’t find him anywhere. We do hope that Wizard Lizard hasn’t got him under a wicked magic spell!

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