Paddington Class – Easter Nests

As a special treat at Forest School today, lots of little chocolate eggs had been hidden around the woods. Our first challenge was to find them!

When we had found all of the eggs, they were put safely in Mrs Read’s basket until we had made our own nests to protect them. We talked about how birds make nests in the Spring to protect their eggs. We discussed what materials the birds might use, and the location they would choose to build their nests.

With this all in mind the children worked together in small groups to make their own nests ready for their own chocolate eggs. The children all worked well together and thought of their own ideas about how best to design and make their nests.

I was very impressed with the thought put in to the location of the nests, with some children building their nests up high in the trees between branches, and others building them under bushes for shelter. The children also thought carefully about collecting the right size twigs and softer materials for inside the nests to make them cosy.

Well done Paddington class, ‘egg’cellent work! 🙂

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