Simba’s Searching for Spring

This morning at Forest School Simba class were searching for signs of Spring.

We had Spring checklists to help us know what to look for and managed to tick lots of things off.

Just on our walk to the woods we spotted lots of daffodils growing in peoples gardens, and even a large bush with beautiful pink blossom. Then in the woods we found snowdrops and bluebells starting to grow. We stopped to listen to the birds singing and some children spotted nests high up in the trees.

When we were at Forest School we continued to look for signs of Spring, and hunted for insects too. We were all very gentle with the insects we did find, and used the books to help identify what they were.

Then on our walk back to school we spotted catkins growing in the trees. Mrs Read was at the front of the line explaining what they were and showed the children, however by the time the children at the back of the line were listening, it turned out we had found a kitkat on the tree!! Yummy! (This made us all laugh and showed us how a game of Chinese whispers can work!)

Thank you for a fun morning exploring the woods Simba class, Mrs Read 🙂


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