Matilda Class – Easter Nests.

This week Matilda class and Wiggins class came to Forest School and had a special treat with an Easter egg hunt. We were all very ‘egg’cited! 🙂

36 eggs were hidden in the woods, however only 27 eggs and one wrapper was found….it’s a mystery! Can you work out how many eggs are still missing?

Once we had a basket full of chocolate eggs though, our challenge was to make a nest suitable to hold them. Some of us worked alone whilst others worked with friends. We all thought carefully about the location of our nests and the materials we needed to collect from around the woods to keep the eggs safe and warm!

When our nests were built we tested them by placing the eggs carefully inside. Then as our reward, we were allowed to eat them. Luckily Mrs Read was prepared and had brought extra eggs so that everyone could have one each, even though some are still lost in the woods! Will they ever be found?


Happy Easter Everyone!

Mrs Read 🙂


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