Paddington Class – Spring Time Birds

Today at Forest School we talked about the signs of Spring and birds that might live in the woods. The children were set two challenges with a bird theme.

Our first challenge was to make a balance scale using the materials provided. The children had bird seed to use to test if their balance scale worked and had an extra challenge of making it equal on both sides. Lots of children used the branches of trees to hang their scales, with some deciding to also make bird feeders using the pots and bird seed. This activity prompted some great discussion about measuring accurately, and provided some brilliant problem solving and team work!

The second challenge was to make a collage picture of a bird nest using materials collected from around the woods. The children all thought very carefully about what a bird might need for his nest, and paid close attention to the details of their pictures.

Well done Paddington class, an enjoyable afternoon for everyone!

Mrs Read 🙂



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