Matilda Class – Spring Time Birds

This week it was the turn of Matilda class to come to Forest School and explore the bird themed activities.

Lots of children decided to make bird nest paper plate collage pictures, and many children also decided to make their own balance scale bird feeders to hang in the trees. The tricky challenge with the bird feeders was to make them balance with bird seed so that if two birds came to eat, they would both have an equal amount.  A small group of children found lots and lots of wriggly worms. We talked about how birds look for worms and eat them too.

As well as making their own balance scales, the children enjoyed exploring the large wooden balance scales, placing pine cones in the buckets to make one side heavy or light or both sides the same. It was tricky to make it balance, and we had some good discussions about why the same number of cones in each side may not always balance.

Some children also enjoyed using the colour charts to find the different colours of Spring around the woods. When having a closer look, a few of us were surprised at how many different colours we could find!


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