Beautiful Bluebells

Today was a lovely sunny day, perfect for a walk down to Grangewood park to look at the bluebell blanket across the woodland floor.

Simba class came first this morning, and we took a slow walk through the bluebells, stopping to take a closer look and to smell the flowers. Once at Forest School, the children enjoyed looking for more bluebells and found some magical fairy doors hidden in the trees. Some of us think the arrival of bluebells may have turned the woods into an enchanted magical place for the fairies to visit. Back at school we had a look at this article and photo: Fairy caught on camera. What do you think?

Rec Bluebells

This afternoon Paddington class came to Forest School and also enjoyed a slow walk through the bluebells to take a closer look and to think of words to describe them to our friends. We talked about the shapes and colours we could see, and had a go at naming the different parts of a flower. Then when at our Forest School site, I set all of the children a challenge to sit and look closely at the bluebells to do an observational drawing with labels to show the different parts of a flower.

All of the adults were very impressed with the children’s pictures, which they took their time with to ensure they added the correct details and represented the true beauty of the bluebell. Well done Paddington Class!

Year 1 bluebells

Thank you for a lovely day admiring the bluebells Simba and Paddington class!

Mrs Read 🙂

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