More Bluebells!

Today it was the turn of Gruffalo and Matilda class to come to Forest School to see the beautiful bluebells.

Gruffalo class came first this morning and enjoyed a sunny walk through the woods with the occasional stop to admire the bluebells, listen for the birds and to look out for the fairies! The children were amazed at how many bluebells they could see, telling me there were ‘too many to count!’ and ‘probably hundreds!’

Once at Forest School some of us found the magical fairy doors and enjoyed decorating them as a gift to the bluebell fairies. We hope that they like our hard work!


This afternoon Matilda class walked over to the woods and were also amazed at how many beautiful bluebells they could see. We took our time to stop and look more closely at them, naming the different parts of a plant and using all of our senses to smell, gently touch and look at the flower. Matilda class were also very keen to look out for the bluebell fairies and enjoyed making fairy homes and small villages in between the trees.

All of the children had a go at an observational drawing of the bluebells, and told me they enjoyed sitting on the mat in the middle of the flowers to have a closer look. They all labelled their pictures and could tell each other what the parts of a plant were called.


Well done Gruffalo and Matilda class, a lovely day at Forest School enjoyed by everyone!

Mrs Read 🙂

6 thoughts on “More Bluebells!

    • Hi Sam! I’m glad you enjoyed Forest School. I enjoyed Forest School this week too, I love looking at the bluebells 🙂

  1. How delightful to witness Matilda Class fully absorbed in their Forest School activities. They thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and showed such interest and focus throughout; evident in the care and attention they gave to their botanical drawings of bluebells. Well done Mrs Read!

    • Thank you Mrs Wood! It really was a lovely afternoon and I was so proud of how focused Matilda class were. 🙂

    • Hi Niamh! I’m happy to hear you liked looking at the bluebells. I’m not sure what the fairies names are, I wonder how we could find out?

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