The Four Seasons

Over the past couple of weeks at Forest School, Reception have been talking about the changes over the four seasons, thinking in particular about the weather, activities we might do, and the changes for plants and trees.

We have watched some videos and thought about our own experiences at Forest School over the seasons, and talked about the changes we could see around us.

All of the children were very good at naming the seasons and identifying the changes.

Can you name the seasons in the photo below? How do you know which season it is, what can you see?


Which is your favourite season? Why?

My favourite season is Autumn, as I love to see the leaves change colour and then fall from the trees. I enjoy going for a walk through the crunchy leaves and like to look at the beautiful red, orange, yellow and brown colours.

Mrs Read 🙂

One thought on “The Four Seasons

  1. My favourite season is Spring, the shining sun gets warmer, the blossom blooms on the trees, bluebells and daffs burst into colour, the baby birds fledge, the daisies go to bed when the clouds come over.

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