UFO – Forest School Investigations

This morning something very exciting happened at school, an Unidentified Fallen Object (UFO) was found on the school field. We are still only at the early stages of understanding what it could be and where it may have come from, so the investigations will continue in school.

At Forest School this afternoon all of the children in Paddington class were very excited about the UFO, and wanted to stay on the school site to explore and investigate the woods next to the crash site.

We used magnifying glasses and mirrors to take a closer look around the woods for clues. Mrs Read found a large silver box, which we think belongs to the UFO. We all decided to find things around the woods to add to the box and maybe send to wherever the UFO came from so that they can learn more about our environment.

The children spent a long time looking for natural objects and materials to add to their sticky paper and put in the silver box. Some decided to find as many different plants, flowers, sticks and leaves as possible, whilst others decided to focus on just leaves and see how many different ones they could find around our school woods.


We were all surprised at how many different plants and natural objects we could find just in our small woods, and lots of the children found clues linked to the UFO landing and had many different ideas about what it was and where it had come from.

What do you think about today? Did you find anything in the woods?

I wonder what will happen next?

Mrs Read 🙂

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