Park Ranger

Last week and this week Year 1 have had a visitor at Forest School, Jason the Park Ranger. The children have ben very excited to meet Jason and learn more about what a Park Ranger does. They all thought carefully about some sensible questions to ask to find out more and we all learnt a lot about a Park Rangers role and our local woodland areas.

After talking to Jason, we walked round the woods together to try and identify the trees by taking a closer look at the branches and leaves. We used leaf identification charts and pictures to help us and quickly learnt the most common tree names and could spot more around the woods.

park ranger

Here are some of the things the children could remember when we got back to school:

“He works all year through all of the seasons” Lily

“He gives people fines if they drop litter” Glen

“He looks after people in the park” Lewis

“He looks after the park wildlife and checks the play equipment” Spencer

“You are not allowed to have a fire or BBQ in the park” Pretina

“You are only allowed to walk 6 dogs at a time” Oliver

“No motorbikes are allowed in the park, it is too dangerous” Nitida

“We must remember to take down our dens and shelters that we build at Forest School”

“There are lots of animals that live in the park, like foxes, who come out at night time” Edward.

“If a tree has an orange mark it means it may need cutting down as it could be rotten inside”

“Jason wears special shoes to protect his feet and a bright jacket so we can see him in the woods”

Making Stick Stars

Today at Forest School both Simba and Paddington class have listened to the story ‘Papa please get the moon for me’, by Eric Carle.

The story inspired us at Forest School to do some stick craft activities.

Simba class this morning worked as a team to make a huge stick ladder to try and reach the moon, so that they could climb up like Papa and fetch the moon to play with. There was some excellent team work and great ideas for improving our design. Some of the children also took on a role as quality inspectors with magnifying glasses to check the quality and safety of our ladder. 🙂

Then this afternoon Paddington class collected sticks to make their very own stick stars, which required careful planning counting, and measuring to fix the stars together to make the right shape.


Both classes enjoyed the story, and we talked about how the moon appears to change shape each night over the month as it orbits the earth.

Have you looked at the moon recently? What did you see?

Thank you for a brilliant day at Forest School Simba class and Paddington class!

Mrs Read 🙂

Matilda Class UFO findings.

Recently something very exciting happened at school, an Unidentified Fallen Object (UFO) was found on the school field. We are still only at the early stages of understanding what it could be and where it may have come from, so the investigations will continue in school.

At Forest School this afternoon I showed the children in Matilda class a mysterious silver box that had been found near the crash site. I suggested that we could fill it with things to send back into Space to show the diversity of our planet, and all of the natural objects in our local woods.

We used magnifying glasses and mirrors to have a good look around the woods, and were given sticky strips of paper to fill with what we could find. The children spent a long time looking for natural objects and materials. Some decided to find as many different plants, flowers, sticks and leaves as possible, whilst others decided to focus on just leaves and see how many different ones they could find around our local woods.

I was very pleased to see some children taking their learning a step further by using the identification charts to find out what they had found, using a second strip of paper to write their labels. We all enjoyed sharing the variety of things we had found and placed them in the silver box ready for collection.

Matilda Today

Well done Matilda Class, a very good afternoon at Forest School!

Mrs Read 🙂