Matilda Class UFO findings.

Recently something very exciting happened at school, an Unidentified Fallen Object (UFO) was found on the school field. We are still only at the early stages of understanding what it could be and where it may have come from, so the investigations will continue in school.

At Forest School this afternoon I showed the children in Matilda class a mysterious silver box that had been found near the crash site. I suggested that we could fill it with things to send back into Space to show the diversity of our planet, and all of the natural objects in our local woods.

We used magnifying glasses and mirrors to have a good look around the woods, and were given sticky strips of paper to fill with what we could find. The children spent a long time looking for natural objects and materials. Some decided to find as many different plants, flowers, sticks and leaves as possible, whilst others decided to focus on just leaves and see how many different ones they could find around our local woods.

I was very pleased to see some children taking their learning a step further by using the identification charts to find out what they had found, using a second strip of paper to write their labels. We all enjoyed sharing the variety of things we had found and placed them in the silver box ready for collection.

Matilda Today

Well done Matilda Class, a very good afternoon at Forest School!

Mrs Read 🙂

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