Paddington Class – learning knots.

Today at Forest School Paddington class have been learning how to tie knots and have been practicing these skills by threading patterns, teaching each other with ropes, and making wind chimes. The children have been very good at working independently and helping each other to solve problems. We have also started to talk about and explore the effects of Autumn on plants. Some of us had a go at making Autumn leaf collage pictures which we enjoyed very much and so will continue next time.

What effects of Autumn have you seen so far?

How many different colours have you spotted on leaves?

Autumn is my favourite season, I am very much looking forward to exploring more with you all! Mrs Read 🙂


Matilda Class – Litter Survey

Last week at Forest School Matilda class were talking about how we can look after our woods at school. In previous weeks some of the children have started to bring items of litter that they have found in the woods to show me, so today we decided to have a clear up and tidy up our woods. We were shocked at how much we found and talked about the impact this has on the environment. By looking closely at what we had collected we noticed that it is mostly snack foods that children probably eat at break time and lunchtime. We have decided that to protect our woods we need to make sure that the whole school understands how important it is to put litter in the bin.

Do you put your litter in the bin?

What would happen if we left this litter in the woods?

Look at how unhappy Matilda class look, we hope that everyone in school starts to look after our woods and puts their rubbish in the bin!


Welcome back to Forest School Year 1!

It has been lovely to start the new school year at Forest School by welcoming back Year 1. They all look so grown up now 🙂

Over the past couple of weeks both Matilda and Paddington class have visited Forest School and were able to show me that they have remembered the Forest School rules and routines, and can still sing our Forest School song!

As the topic in Year 1 is ‘Me, Me, Me’ we have been making nature faces using natural objects found in the woods. I encouraged the children to make their nature faces as individual as themselves, and to choose items that reflect their personality.

Can you spot yourself?


I look forward to our adventures together at Forest School in Year 1.

Mrs Read 🙂