Reception Forest School – Learning the rules and routines.

Both Gruffalo and Simba class came to Forest School for the first time as a whole class this morning. As some of them have never been to Forest School before we talked about the rules and routines of Forest School and how to keep ourselves safe.

Can you remember the three rules of Forest School?

We also learnt the Forest School song, I have copied the words here so you can learn it at home too. Enjoy!

Mrs Read 🙂


(Sing to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Forest School Song.

Going to the forest (x2)

Rain or shine (x2)

Working in the garden (x2)

With my friends (x2)

Exploration (x2)

Having fun (x2)

Learning in my own way (x2)

The best I can! (x2)

I’m fantastic! (x2)

I follow all the rules (x2)

I can solve a problem (x2)

In Forest School (x2)

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