Signs of Autumn – Matilda Class

This afternoon at Forest School Matilda class have been very busy with craft activities and exploring the signs of Autumn.

It was a very windy afternoon, perfect for making and testing our wind chimes. Last time at Forest School the children had learnt several different knots, so it was great to see them putting this new skill into practise today and having a go at making something. Matilda class were very good at helping each other and going back to the large poles and ropes to practise the knots, before tying string around small branches and sticks.

Our Autumn challenges today included using the colour charts to match colours around the woods, counting and sharing the conkers, and collecting different leaves. Some of us enjoyed making Autumn leaf collages by cutting up the different coloured leaves and arranging them onto a leaf shape template. By the end of the afternoon we had created our own art gallery of Autumn leaves along the fence.


Well done Matilda class, a very productive afternoon of Autumn exploration!

Mrs Read 🙂


2 thoughts on “Signs of Autumn – Matilda Class

  1. I can do the not with a loop and then you put the end of rope in the loop and pull. I need to work the one where you make the 8. I have fun at forest school. Thank you

  2. Brilliant Robert, I’m glad you enjoy Forest School.
    Thanks for your help with tying knots, it was great to see you helping your friends learn too. Ill make sure I bring along the ropes and sticks next time so you can practise your figure 8 knot!
    Mrs Read 🙂

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