Reception Roots

Both Gruffalo and Simba class came to Forest School this morning for a short session in our school woods as we are still learning the rules and routines of Forest School.

During our exploration using the mirrors and magnifying glasses, some of us found some ‘sticks’ stuck in the ground. This provided an excellent discussion point and investigation for us all, and after a closer look we found out they were the roots to the trees!

We talked about what roots are and why trees have them, then we all were set the challenge to find some different roots around the woods and explore them using our senses.

The children enjoyed using their hands to feel the roots and followed them from the ground to the trunk and branches of the trees. The children used some good words to describe the roots such as ‘bumpy’, ‘rough’, and ‘wriggly’.


Good investigation work Reception! 🙂

Can you remember why trees have roots and what they do?


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