Autumn Collage Pictures

It was the turn of Simba class and Matilda class to come to Forest School today.

For Simba class it was their first full morning at Forest School and they did very well. The most exciting part of the morning for the children was eating our snack outside! We did this straight away whilst we still had clean hands, and used snack time as an opportunity to remind ourselves of the Forest School rules and routines and to sing the Forest School song.

The children then had time to explore the woods with the challenge of bringing interesting Autumn items from around the woods to complete a class collage picture of a hedgehog. The children did very well and found lots of different colours and shapes to help bring the hedgehog to life!

Then this afternoon Matilda class went on an Autumn walk in the woods near school, with a checklist of items to find. We enjoyed our walk and found lots to look at in the big woods and wanted to bring all of it back! However we couldn’t carry all of the leaves and items we had found, so instead decided an item per hand would be enough. When Matilda class returned to school they then had the challenge of completing a floor collage picture and picked out the squirrel and butterfly template.

Matilda class thought very carefully about their floor collage pictures, selecting colours and textures which would best fit the different parts of each animal, and paid very close attention to details like the symmetry on the butterfly wings.


Well done Matilda and Simba class, a brilliant day at Forest School!

Mrs Read 🙂

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