Stick Man

Today Gruffalo and Paddington class have been to Forest School. We have been listening to the story ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson, and tried to find him in the woods.


Some of us made our very own ‘Stick Man’ by tying sticks we had collected together and used a potato peeler to take away a layer of bark to create a face. The children then really enjoyed playing with their ‘Stick Man’ in the woods, by either making up their own stories or re-telling the Julia Donaldson version. Some children in Paddington class also went a step further and created a home for their stick people in the trees.

Why not have a look in your garden and see if you can find Stick Man? I hope he’s not lost and finds his way back to the family tree, with his stick lady love and stick children three!

Mrs Read 🙂


Autumn Leaves are Falling Down!

Gruffalo class came to Forest School this morning, and Paddington class came this afternoon.

Both classes enjoyed walking over to Grangewood park to continue to look at the effects of Autumn in the woods. For Gruffalo class this was their first visit. We spotted lots of interesting things such as different coloured leaves, berries, and some very large fungi growing on a fallen tree trunk.

If you would like to learn more about fungi or watch some videos to show how they grow, click here!

Then this afternoon Paddington class enjoyed collecting the different fallen leaves to play games such as bouncing them up and down in the parachute, or to make things like leaf crowns and magic wands.

image1 image2

Thank you for a lovely day exploring fallen leaves Gruffalo and Paddington class!

Mrs Read 🙂