Early Signs of Spring

Today at Forest School Simba class and Matilda class have been on the lookout for the early signs of Spring. Before going to Forest School we discussed the changes over the seasons and looked at some pictures together which showed the signs of Spring to look out for.

Simba class looked around the school grounds and found blossom growing on a tree in the playground and catkins growing on a tree in the woods. They also noticed how some of the trees and bushes were sprouting new buds.

Matilda class went on a walk to Grangewood park and were very good at spotting lots of signs of Spring. We saw daffodils, snowdrops and daisies, new shoots growing up through the fallen leaves, green buds growing on the buses and trees, and catkins up really high. We also stopped to listen carefully in the woods and could hear lots of birds singing. Some of the children suggested this was because they were happy that Spring was on the way!

We talked about how birds lay eggs during the Spring and so some of the birds may have been getting their nests ready.

Well done Simba and Matilda class!

Can you spot and early signs of Spring in your garden at home or on your walk to school?

Mrs Read 🙂

early signs of spring