Minibeast Hotel

This afternoon at Forest School Matilda class have continued to talk about how the season has changed and we are now in spring. As part of this, we started to talk about how some insects will start to come out as the weather gets warmer towards the end of spring. In preparation for this we have decided to build a mini-beast hotel, ready for insects to use if they need somewhere to shelter, hide or sleep when at Forest School!

The children worked really well together in teams to carry wooden pallets and position them in the chosen area. The children then looked for natural objects and materials around Forest School to fill tiny pots and create ‘rooms’ for the insects in between the wooden pallet gaps.

Some of the children did some investigations to find out which insects and mini-beasts we have in our woods so that we can make sure they have a comfortable space in the hotel. Some children found a particularly big worm which was very exciting!

matilda minibeast hotel

Our mini-beast hotel is not finished yet, and we intend to keep working on it over the next few weeks. We would be very grateful if anyone has any old, unused, small plant pots they could donate to Forest School for this project, so that we can fill our minibeast hotel with lots of different ‘rooms’.

Thank you, Mrs Read 🙂