Rainy Day at Forest School!

The rain has not stopped today, but that hasn’t stopped our fun at Forest School!

Simba & Matilda class came to Forest School today and had so much fun in the rain.

We enjoyed trying to catch raindrops on our hands, faces and tongues, and looked around the woods to see where the rain was collecting most, thinking about why this was.

The children had different activities then to choose from. Lots enjoyed playing with the water trail, making water runs using guttering and pipes and collecting the rain using funnels and pots to fill the watering cans. The year 1 children noticed that some of the containers had measure on the side so that we could measure the rain water and compare amounts collected.

Some children enjoyed exploring the chalk in the rain, drawing patterns on the black tough spot and then using brushes to mix in the rain water to see what happened. However the most popular activity was using the powder paints, which we mixed with the rain water to make pots of paint. Some children then discovered they could mix the primary colours to make new colours and enjoyed painting the forest school fence multicoloured.

A brillaint rainy day at Forest School, and we even managed to fit in a bit of puddle jumping on the playground too! Well done Matilda and Simba class!

Mrs Read 🙂


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