Forest Learning

Wow what a busy day we have had at Forest School today!

Our day started at 7.30am for breakfast, which was followed by a lovely walk along the river to school. When we arrived at school we were accompanied by the Swedish teachers and children who led the way to the forest on their bikes. Every child had their own bike and carried their own backpack full of their forest school supplies. They quickly left us behind so we had a map to follow the rest of the way and find their forest school site.
By the time we found forest school the children were already sat round the fire talking about the morning activities. Today the learning was focused around the Stone Age. The children were split into three groups and rotated round the activities.

Activity 1 was around the main campfire. The children were discussing and exploring Stone Age methods for lighting fires which were quite tricky. They worked in pairs with the teacher using a bow drill to start a fire using friction. This was hard work and the children quickly got tired. They then looked at other methods of making fire such as using a flint, magnifying glass and lighter or matches.


Activity 2 involved the children working in pairs to practise lighting fires using the more modern method with steel fire lighting strikers. The children had different materials to see which was more flammable and found this method of lighting fires much easier.

Activity 3 was making a natural ‘spork’ (spoon & fork) using tools. The children were given a thick short stick and used their knives to whittle and shape the end into a spoon shape, the other end was then shaped and split to make a fork. The children then tested their sporks by eating collected nuts and berries mixed with honey.

After a very busy morning we returned to school with the children to all eat lunch together in the canteen. We had to remove our shoes at the door, like you would at home. We all served our own lunches and sat at large round tables together. At the end of lunch the children even tidied away and cleaned the tables.

This afternoon we went down to the river with the older children, age 11. We spent some time wading into the shallow banks and used nets to explore the creatures that live in the river. We found lots of exciting things and placed them carefully in buckets to examine and classify using magnifying glasses and identification charts. Mrs Chamberlain even spotted a snake!!


We are very tired after a brilliant day of forest learning and can’t wait to see what the next school has planned for us tomorrow!

Finally take a look at these lovely gifts we have been given by the schools to help make our time in the forest more comfortable, a foldable mug and cushion to sit on! Brilliant ideas and both have come in very handy already!

Mrs Read & Mrs Chamberlain. 🙂


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